Sunday, February 24, 2008

Windeypants tonight @ CCNSMSU

Windeypants (the 'thug' on the left) is going to be leading CCNSMSU tonight, Monday Feb. 25th@7:00 PM @CC202-
Show up for some great fellowship and teaching on 'True and False Conversion" Bring your friends-even if they are not yet saved- this is an EXCELLENT video that really gets to the core of Christianity and following Christ in truth. Following the meeting, Adam ( his real name) will be showing how to share the Gospel with your classmates. It is time to change SMSU- and that will only happen when people are brought into a faith relationship with CHRIST. We hope to see you there at cc202 at 7:00 PM

Monday, February 18, 2008

Revive and VOM Outreach

Last week, we got to take part in Revive where we displayed our VOM magazine, and handed out Bibles, tracts, and information about the CCNSMSU chapter.
Pastor John, CCNSMSU Leader, displays the postcards that were handed out to the participants who were interested in learning more about CCNSMSU. There were about 200 people at this ministry, which was really quite cool in that, all of the campus ministries participated together. The stated desire was to promote a radical change on the campus for Christ. We had the opportunity to speak to several of the students afterward and explain how the campus can really be changed for Christ; through Christians practicing Biblical Evangelism!
This is Dr. John (left) and 'Brummer', who is a CRU leader. They were photographed having an intense discussion following the Revive meeting. Brummer has a real heart for evangelizing the lost through CRU on campus. We hope to help him and others towards that goal!

Tonight @ CCNSMSU

Okay, so were you revived last week?
We were so excited to meet so many Christians who desired to see the students at SMSU changed for the glory of God!
How does one get revived according to scripture? Obedience is the key. 
When one is Born Again, he or she is given a new heart, and a new nature. We desire to read and to follow God's Word, the Bible. The last command of Jesus was to "Go, make disciples". Are you being obedient to that command? When Christians at SMSU begin to obey that command, called the Great Commission (Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:18-20) revival will come, because dead people (dead in their sins) will be revived- brought to new life- in Christ. 
Do you desire to be revived every day? Come, be a part of CCNSMSU where you can learn truth from God's Word, meet friends who share your desire who will pray for you, and leaders who will train you to stand strong in your faith as you share it with peers and professors alike. You can be a part of seeing revival come to SMSU!

We meet weekly at 7:00 in CC202. If you are a part of another campus ministry, GREAT! we welcome you, and you will not be late to your meeting, if it is on Monday Nights. We do promise if you apply what you will learn with us, your life as well as your Campus will be changed for the glory of God. 

We hope to see you at CCNSMSU!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Come to CCNSMSU!

Tonight February 11th- We will be diagnosing "What makes a CHRISTIAN?"

  • Do you know you are a Christian?
  • How can you know if you are a Christian
  • What makes a person a Christian?
  • 10 question test to diagnose yourself...

We invite you to come and to check us out. We meet in CC202 between 7:00-8:15, and we are out and about on the campus following.

We also encourage you to go to REVIVE following our meeting, at 8:30 in CC211. We hear there will be Pizza there!!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Monday Feb. 4th Topic: How to confront SINNERS!
7-9:00 PM SC 206