Friday, June 27, 2008

Pocket Testaments

The Pocket Testament League

Everyone at CCN-SMSU Should take advantage of this ministry. You can order thirty books of John each month free of charge and hand one out for every day of the month. If we have ten people taking that challenge each day, that will be 300 per month and 3000 per academic year. Take the CCNSMSU Challenge, and lets get pocket books of John in the hands of EVERY student, staff, administration, and others on the campus.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Matthew first came to CCNSMSU as a non-student, but desiring to learn more about the Lord. After watching "True and False Conversions" He realized he was a false convert. He repented radically from his old lifestyle and made some incredible life-changing decisions, including truly trusting the Savior, Jesus Christ. He approached me about being baptized, and he has, as of today, followed the Lord in believers baptism. Here are some really cool pictures of the event.