Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reverse Trick or Treat

How do you like my costume??


We are hitting the streets in Marshall this week for a reverse trick or treat party! We will meet at the Chisham's home at 6:30, where we will split up the candy, pass out tracts, and then hit the streets! We will go door to door, and give homeowners full size candy bars and tracts, and give the little trick or treaters small size candy bars and tracts. Afterwards, we will have a Reformation Day party at the Chisham's house.

Bring a bag of small candy and a box of full size candy bars to hand out. It is a BLAST!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Repent and Witness Minneapolis!

What a great night!

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It was 50 degrees or so, and there was a lot going on in Minneapolis. Kelly Clarkson was here to put on a concert, so there would be 15,000 people coming into the Target Center.

We had our members: Abby, Jason, and Thurstin as well as our new friend Austin, and Abby's mom! What a blessing! They got a stack of tracts and were stationed at many different corners around the Target Center. Austin even had a sandwich board on proclaiming the Gospel!

Later on, we moved up on Hennepin Ave, and were joined by other street evangelists. All in all, there was 20 or so Evangelists working the street. Mainly, our crew from SMSU distributed tracts and had one to one conversations. Even mom got in the act and was sharing with people one to one!

It was a night where we were really stretched. But it was really great and God was glorified! If you think that church is will be refreshed if you get out and put your hand to the plow in obedience to His command!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Looking for Workers who will not look back or be ashamed!

Come tonight for a time of prayer, fellowship, and learning about Evangelism!

We will look at scripture to support your witness!

Also we will be speaking about Bible sudy groups on campus!

Come, take a study break and fellowship with us!

Monday, October 6, 2008

CCN 10/6/08

Come one come all!

Tonight, we will cover Ch. 2 in The School of Biblical Evangelism- Making Grace Amazing and Review the names of Jesus found in Chapter 1 of the Gospel of John.

Remember: October 24th we will be hitting the Streets with Shawn Holes, a traveling evangelist. Make your plans now for our first 'Repent and Witness' weekend. 

This Sunday, following River of Life Alliance Church, we will have an informal get-together at the Chisham's place- We will have lunch and fellowship together.