Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tomorrow is not promised- In memory of Andy Wiersma

All of us in the SMSU family are in a state of shock and unbelief again, as one of the finest young men who ever attended SMSU has passed away far too early. Andy Wiersma was in an automobile accident on Sunday afternoon and he died as a result of the injuries.

I do not want to dwell on his death, however. Everybody who is commenting publicly is focussed on the life that he led. We are sad that he is not with us physically any longer and so we hold on to memories.

The short time I knew him, I remember him as a faithful man of God. He was the leader of my Son's youth group. He worked at Campus Crusade for Christ, and in that capacity, I have nothing but admiration for this young man. Every conversation I had with him he impressed me as a deep man of faith. I take this quote from a meeting in 2005, in which he gives the reason that he was such a fine young man, and all could see it:

"The thing I found I can put my hope into is Jesus Christ,"

Andy's hope was in the Lord Jesus Christ. Andy had come to an end of trusting himself, and placed all of his hope in Jesus Christ. If he could speak from the grave, I believe Andy would urge you to take the opportunity of his passing to examine yourself, to ask 'who am I living for? and 'what is my hope in, should I pass away today?'

"We have all put our hopes in something that is temporary or false," Wiersma said.

Wiersma said Christ's love guides him because it is eternal, perfect and it gives him peace.

"Things in my life aren't defined by the moment anymore," Wiersma said.

Andy had a faith in Jesus Christ that was displayed for all the world to see. He didn't just speak about his faith, he lived it. And this testimony calls out from the grave, for because of it, Andy has cheated death. Despite the fact that he is no longer with us in the flesh, his spirit lives on in heaven. His life was a testimony of what Jesus meant to Him, and in his death, we who also know Jesus can testify that he lives on, because we all share in this hope that he had.

Andy's life was in Christ from the time that he repented and trusted Jesus Christ. And now, we who are in Christ can say with all confidence and in all hope, he is in a better place. We grieve, but not like the world, because we who are in Christ will get to see Andy again.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interview with two Teens

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