Friday, December 18, 2009

Magic, Zombie Apocalypse, and Backward Monkey Heads

Monday nights at the couches, we have had some bizarre conversations.

The first Monday, We spoke about Magic, a game that a group was playing on the couches. From that conversation, a Christian young man got up and wanted to talk about using Magic to reach the young people who were sitting there. He explained that he started playing the game as an outreach to the young man. It was a great opportunity to share (again) with this young man that we do not need to become like people to witness to them. We just need to start a conversation.

A young lady was listening with interest, and began asking questions about the scripture. Our Bible conversation went very well, also. We covered several issues with a curious new believer. We went through a number of scriptures about the Christian life and living. She was very interested and loved the teaching and is encouraged to continue with the study.

This last week, we went back to the couches, and the introductory conversation was about a Zombie Apocalypse and Backward monkey heads. These young men, two of which are professing Christians, were more prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse and how to escape than how to share their faith. A further discussion about this brought up more evolution talk from my Atheist friend, and about how we can make new creatures. He cannot see that these backward monkey heads don't evolve, it requires an intelligence outside to do so.

This conversation led to a philosophy question about God, free will, and sin. It was a wonderful conversation with another curious young man. It was interesting to see the Christians pipe in. We spoke about the Word being the truth and that the judgment is coming, and it will be what the Bible teaches, and there will be judgment for all men, and if we die in our sins we will be judged by a holy God and spend eternity in a lake of fire- far worse than the potential of being killed by zombies. I encouraged them to be concerned about their eternity.

Finally, we had a real great conversation with a young Lutheran girl who had some confusion about salvation, but the good news is that she holds the scripture in very high regard. I have great hopes for this young ELCA lass. She was willing to sit with Jake and I and converse about how one is saved, what the role of baptism is, and whether or not a person can be in a lifestyle sin and be saved.

Have a Merry Christmas, and we will see you January 11th on the couches!