Saturday, September 25, 2010

Minnesota Campus Missions Tour 2010

The week of September 27th, Change Collegiate Network SMSU and Mark 1:15 Ministries will join with Luke 10:2 Ministries on a Campus tour of the state of Minnesota. We will start out Tuesday on the campus of Minnesota State University in Mankato. There is a great courtyard area between the Student Center and the Classrooms, and hundreds of students waiting to hear the good news.

We will continue our tour Wednesday at St Cloud State University. This campus is full of young minds that are desperate for the good news of Jesus Christ.

We will start Friday off right with a tour of Northrup Mall at the University of Minnesota. We will proclaim the truth of God our Creator and Savior to science students on the mall.

Later, we will challenge the Desiring God Conference goers outside the Minneapolis Convention Center to THINK about the true Gospel Message before entering to hear Rick Warren’s keynote address. Then it will be on Downtown for the Twin’s game and the after game parties.
Saturday, we will travel back to the U of M to preach to the football fans entering TCF Stadium for the Gopher game. Later, we will return downtown for the Twins’ game. After we conclude the tour, Shawn Holes of Luke 10:2 Ministries will be presenting the message to close the 2010 Missions Emphasis at River of Life Alliance Church.

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