Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Bible Study!

Starting October 19th, we will be starting a new Bible Study called "Who is Jesus, Really?". The study will be on the Gospel of John, and we will go in depth to examine the claims Jesus made about Himself.

This Bible Study is for ALL COMERS! You can be Muslim, Buddhist, Athiest, Christian, Agnostic, or worship the Flying Spaghetti monster. All you need is your questions and an honest mind that is willing to examine the claims of Jesus:

  • Did Jesus believe He was God?
  • Did Jesus only preach love and acceptance?
  • Did Jesus like religion?
  • Did Jesus really die?
  • Did Jesus really rise again?
  • Did Jesus ever exist?
  • Does Jesus live now?
  • What does Jesus expect of me?
All are welcome, and all are challenged to come. We will meet in the Student Center, upstairs at the couches.

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